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Leggings are the new pants

Who says we need to wear pants? Pants are overrated these days, especially with the new female fad, leggings. Leggings have been around for hundreds of years. They have been worn by men and women alike but more recently are considered a fashion for women. Spend a day at Lipscomb University and you will see just how popular leggings have become. They are worn year-round and come in just about every color, material and style.The most popular color I have seen on campus is classic black, yet the choices are endless when it comes to shopping for them. For example, Nike and LuLu Lemon make great leggings to work out in that come in a more spandex material versus the traditional cotton. They are comfortable and great for all-weather conditions. Many girls on campus will wear these while on a run or in the SAC with a T-shirt and tennis shoes for a cute and athletic look.

Lulu Lemon leggings

However, this style is not only seen in the gym but in class, running errands or simply    hanging out as well. Another casual way to wear leggings is with an oversized sweatshirt or sweater, scarf and boots. This style is cute and casual but also super comfortable. More girls are wearing leggings casually these days because they are close to the comfort of baggy sweatpants yet look a lot more presentable and give your body an actual shape. I know when I am in a hurry it is so easy to throw on a pair of leggings, a T-shirt and a ball cap and run to class. Although leggings can be worn in a replacement to sweatpants, they can also be dressed up for nice occasions. Many girls will wear them under dresses or skirts in the winter because they are warm and still cute.  

Pair leggings with a cute top for a nicer look

Also, some people actually wear them as pants and throw on a pair of heels, a cute top and blazer. Many think that you have to be a size zero to pull of these body-hugging bottoms, but that is far from the truth. Any girl can wear leggings as long as she chooses the right color, fit and outfit to wear them with. So next time you’re getting ready, ditch the pants and throw on a pair of leggings!

Helping others is always in style!

A new fad has made way across Nashville, Tenn., and particularly the Lipscomb campus: TOMS Shoes. Now, these shoes have been around since 2006 but really became popular over the past couple of years with all ages, genders and fashion styles. Blake Mycoskie, a young American traveler, began this movement when he visited Argentina and realized that the children there did not have any shoes. Mycoskie felt as if he needed to do something about it so he started the shoe company TOMS. The neat part about this company is that for every pair of shoes customers buy, a pair is given to a child in need. This is what Mycoskie calls his “one for one” deal. In just the first year, he was able to 

Children in need receive their first pair of TOMS

return to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS customers. I asked my friend Allison why she loves her Toms and she said, “They are comfortable, easy to slip on, and you can wear them with just about any outfit year-round.” Allison owns the brown burlap, black glitter, and black ones with white writing all in the original style. There are many styles of the shoe now, but in the beginning there was just one simple style which happens to be the one I see the most around campus (typically in the 40-60 dollar price range). This style can be worn with anything from jeans or slacks, leggings, and even casual dresses. Both men and women seem to love the simple style and laid-back feel of TOMS. The new styles include wedges, boots, ballet flats and even more. There are even pictures of couples in their TOMS on their wedding day! However, not everyone is a fan of the look of the shoes. If you are one of these people, but still want to help out, there are other ways to do so! TOMS is getting bigger and expanding its market with scarves, hats and even sunglasses. As far as the sunglasses go, if you buy one pair, eyesight will be given to someone in need. This may sound crazy, but with the purchase of the sunglasses, either medical treatment, eyeglasses or sight-saving surgery will be given to someone who cannot afford it. The glasses are in about the $135 range but are great quality, and giving someone else the gift of vision is truly priceless. So just remember: whatever your fashion sense is, helping others is always in style!

Baseball freshmen get new trims

There is definitely a new faux pas on the Lipscomb campus. Two words: bad haircut. When you first reads these words, you may think that it refers to females, but I am here to tell you that is the farthest from the truth. Having a hard time imagining some big, macho guys that all have coincidently bad hair cuts? Allow me to explain. Every year, the LU baseball team does a form of “freshman initiation” where it thinks of the worst possible do’s for the new players. This year, the seniors did not take their task lightly in embarrassing the poor freshmen. According to the older players, this tradition is a part of the freshmen gaining the respect from their veteran teammates and handling it with a smile, whether it is genuine or not. They all knew it was coming, but on Monday the eight youngsters walked in the locker room to find several hair trimmers lined up, and they automatically knew what was about to happen. Nervously, they took their seats and allowed their teammates to go to work on their hair with complete freedom. While there were laughs and jokes on the older side, the freshmen

All eight freshmen with their new haircuts.

bit their tongues and toughed it out. Now, these horrid hairstyles only had to last a little over 24 hours, yet they had to be worn around school for a full day (with no hats allowed) as well as flaunted at chapel in front of the entire student body. Conveniently, the baseball team sits in the front row, allowing their hair to be on display for everyone to see.  From pictures trimmed into the backs of their heads, to mohawks, to “old man cuts,” the boys wore it all. From what I have heard from the guys, they had a good attitude about it and knew that it is simply a part of being on the team. However, they were more than excited to shave off the embarrassment the next night to avoid more head-turning and laughs from around campus. It looks this fashion faux pas is one that will never get old on the Lipscomb University baseball team! 

These boots are made for walkin’

To start off my blog I think it is only appropriate to begin with the latest shoe trend this season at Lipscomb University: riding boots. This Southern trend is popular because you can dress them down or dress them up. For example, many girls wear them with jeans or leggings around school for a comfortable and casual look. On the other hand, they can also be worn with skirts or dresses for a night out. Riding boots got their name because, well, that is what they are

Megan Stout, freshman at LU, sports her Target riding boots with a pair of skinny jeans.

modeled after. The typical horse riding boot turned fashionable by designers a couple years ago but recently have been a huge hit all around the South and even nationwide. The trend is great because they can be worn for a very low price or they can be made of nice leather from prestigious designers. Up and down the price scale, these boots are fashionable and timeless no matter what. Some great places to snag some inexpensive riding boots are Target, Payless, and Kohl’s, to name a few. However, if you are fortunate (or not a college student on a budget), you could check out designers such as Tory Burch or the Frye Company for some real quality leather. Whether your style is preppy or edgy, these boots come in all colors and styles to fit your personality. I strongly suggest investing in a pair because they can be worn year round, dressed up or dressed down!

My very own Steve Madden boots from DSW.

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