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The sun comes out at LU and so do the shorts!

The weather is heating up in Nashville, which means it is time to ditch the jeans and sweatpants and bring out the shorts! Here on the Lipscomb University Campus, many styles of shorts are worn, and they always seem to match the personality of whoever is wearing them. 

First, I will start off with a fad that has been around for years and years: jean shorts, also known as “jorts.”  These shorts come in many styles for both girls and guys. However, in my opinion, “jorts” are a major fashion faux pas on guys. Some may disagree, but I think females should be the only ones allowed to wear them. The “cut-off” style is coming back, giving off a more retro and vintage

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen rock their cut-off, vintage shorts

look. Yet, the clean-cut jean shorts are classy and great as well. Many girls around the LU campus pair their “jorts” with a cute top and sandals, but they can also be dressed down with a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Nevertheless, jean shorts are timeless and a necessary piece to every girl’s wardrobe. Now guys, I need some convincing to be able to say the same to you! 

"Jorts" on men are NOT flattering

The second and last type of shorts I will discuss is athletic shorts. In my opinion, these are the most popular shorts worn on campus by both genders. For guys, the typical basketball shorts are the most common. For girls on the other hand, running shorts are seen the most. Now guys, you don’t have to be a basketball star to sport the look; anyone can pull them off! I see guys with all different styles sporting these shorts in all colors and brands. When it comes to the female running shorts, you can be as creative as you want! While the overall style is usually the same, these athletic shorts come in all different colors, and even patterns. Nike is the most popular, but brands such as Under Armour and Adidas make them as well. Many may think that the thirty dollar price range is too expensive for these shorts, but I will be the first to tell you that they are worth the price. They can be worn to work out in, to go run errands and to class as well. They are very comfortable and give athletic shorts a great name. 

Nike running shorts

How did running shorts get their name? They are modeled after shorts that are worn, well, to run. They are lightweight, breezy and aerodynamic. 

What are your favorite type of shorts? 

Leggings are the new pants

Who says we need to wear pants? Pants are overrated these days, especially with the new female fad, leggings. Leggings have been around for hundreds of years. They have been worn by men and women alike but more recently are considered a fashion for women. Spend a day at Lipscomb University and you will see just how popular leggings have become. They are worn year-round and come in just about every color, material and style.The most popular color I have seen on campus is classic black, yet the choices are endless when it comes to shopping for them. For example, Nike and LuLu Lemon make great leggings to work out in that come in a more spandex material versus the traditional cotton. They are comfortable and great for all-weather conditions. Many girls on campus will wear these while on a run or in the SAC with a T-shirt and tennis shoes for a cute and athletic look.

Lulu Lemon leggings

However, this style is not only seen in the gym but in class, running errands or simply    hanging out as well. Another casual way to wear leggings is with an oversized sweatshirt or sweater, scarf and boots. This style is cute and casual but also super comfortable. More girls are wearing leggings casually these days because they are close to the comfort of baggy sweatpants yet look a lot more presentable and give your body an actual shape. I know when I am in a hurry it is so easy to throw on a pair of leggings, a T-shirt and a ball cap and run to class. Although leggings can be worn in a replacement to sweatpants, they can also be dressed up for nice occasions. Many girls will wear them under dresses or skirts in the winter because they are warm and still cute.  

Pair leggings with a cute top for a nicer look

Also, some people actually wear them as pants and throw on a pair of heels, a cute top and blazer. Many think that you have to be a size zero to pull of these body-hugging bottoms, but that is far from the truth. Any girl can wear leggings as long as she chooses the right color, fit and outfit to wear them with. So next time you’re getting ready, ditch the pants and throw on a pair of leggings!

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