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Baseball freshmen get new trims

There is definitely a new faux pas on the Lipscomb campus. Two words: bad haircut. When you first reads these words, you may think that it refers to females, but I am here to tell you that is the farthest from the truth. Having a hard time imagining some big, macho guys that all have coincidently bad hair cuts? Allow me to explain. Every year, the LU baseball team does a form of “freshman initiation” where it thinks of the worst possible do’s for the new players. This year, the seniors did not take their task lightly in embarrassing the poor freshmen. According to the older players, this tradition is a part of the freshmen gaining the respect from their veteran teammates and handling it with a smile, whether it is genuine or not. They all knew it was coming, but on Monday the eight youngsters walked in the locker room to find several hair trimmers lined up, and they automatically knew what was about to happen. Nervously, they took their seats and allowed their teammates to go to work on their hair with complete freedom. While there were laughs and jokes on the older side, the freshmen

All eight freshmen with their new haircuts.

bit their tongues and toughed it out. Now, these horrid hairstyles only had to last a little over 24 hours, yet they had to be worn around school for a full day (with no hats allowed) as well as flaunted at chapel in front of the entire student body. Conveniently, the baseball team sits in the front row, allowing their hair to be on display for everyone to see.  From pictures trimmed into the backs of their heads, to mohawks, to “old man cuts,” the boys wore it all. From what I have heard from the guys, they had a good attitude about it and knew that it is simply a part of being on the team. However, they were more than excited to shave off the embarrassment the next night to avoid more head-turning and laughs from around campus. It looks this fashion faux pas is one that will never get old on the Lipscomb University baseball team! 

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