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What is all the chaos with Chacos?

Just recently I featured TOMS as a campus fad at Lipscomb University. This week, another shoe is becoming popular especially as the weather gets warmer: Chaco sandals. Many may consider these shoes a faux pas, but proud wearers of them will say otherwise. “Chacos are so comfortable and the style is laid-back, which I love,” says LU freshman and shoe fanatic Allison Brown. “They bring out my inner-hippie.” These shoes are great for people who are active because they are durable and supportive for your feet. Also, they are good for hiking, mission trips and outdoor activities because they are waterproof.

Tanlines from Chacos

Basically, they have the support of  tennis shoes but much more lightweight and breezy, so they are great for hot weather. Chaco sandals come in many different styles and colors. They even make boots and tennis shoes as well, and the price ranges anywhere from about $80 to $110. However, those that are not fans of these shoes usually are not shy to admit it. “I think it looks like people are about to walk across the Saharan Desert when they wear those,” says Lipscomb student Brittany Rupple. Personally, these shoes remind me of something that my dad used to wear to the water park, but there is no changing the minds of the faithful Chaco customers. In fact, there is a name for these people: “chaconians.” According to the Chaco website, a chaconian is a person who “pounds pavement, trails, and waves. They teach, reach, and reform. They’re people who trust Chacos.” The many “chaconians” here at Lipscomb wear their sandals with pride during all seasons, but when the weather gets warmer the number drastically increases. Chacos can be worn with about any outfit, as long as it is somewhat casual. In my opinion it would be a definite fashion faux pas to wear a pair of these with a cocktail dress. Many people on campus are seen wearing them with athletic shorts and T-shirts or even jeans. Whatever your style may be, Chacos are the new fad without a doubt. You don’t have to be a nature-lover or an outdoorsman in order to pull these off; Just take a look around Lipscomb University and you will see that anyone can wear them!  

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